PoserPak Blu-Ray

$209.00 $109.00

2 PoserPad Mats
2 Poser T-Shirts
2 Pair PoserPed Yoga Socks
1 PoserKids Book
1 PoserKids Blu-Ray
1 PoserKids CD
10 PoserKids Stickers


For just $109 for HD Blu-Ray you can help support the launch of our online store and also receive some of the coolest PoserKids swag for half price.

Your PoserPak promotional product package will include:
• 2 PoserPads: our brand new limited edition children’s yoga mats, before they are available to the public
• 2 Poser t-shirts: our signature shirt, “Poser” with our Zia logo as the “O,” available in children’s and grown-up sizes
• 2 pair of PoserPed socks: our exclusive yoga socks, pink and purple ringer stripe design with the PoserKids Zia logo in white, perfect for posing anytime, anywhere, available in children’s and grown-up sizes
• The first “PoserKids” book from our new children’s book line, first in a series of 10 books that will be released over the course of 2018, signed by author Mister Mateo & illustrator Suzanne Watson
• Season 1 of The PoserKids Show (10 ePOSEodes) On Blu-Ray featuring exclusive bonus footage
• 7 track limited release PoserKids CD featuring the studio version of our PoserKids Theme Song plus several amazing covers of the song by some of our favorite musician friends
• A package of 10 PoserKids Zia logo stickers


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